Season 1 is the first season of Miles From Tomorrowland with the first episode airing on February 6, 2015 and last episode airing on March 18, 2016.


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01 01 "Runaway Shuttle" February 6, 2015 101A
Miles and M.E.R.C. rescue a trapped pilot before his ship crashes into Jupiter's fiery moon, Io.
"Surfin' the Whirlpool" February 6, 2015 101B
On a father/son surf trip, Miles and Leo must work together to escape the Zuma Whirlpool.
02 02 "Ocean in Motion" February 6, 2015 103A
Miles and his family must figure out why a probe stationed on a dry planet has sustained water damage.
"Explorer Exchange" February 6, 2015 103B
The Callisto family is visited by alien Blodger Blopp as part of a Cosmic Explorers exchange program.
03 03 "Game On" February 6, 2015 104A
When the Callisto family is captured by an alien queen, Miles must rely on his simulated gaming skills to save them.
"How I Saved My Summer Vacation" February 6, 2015 104B
While vacationing on the dry planet of Alarbus, Miles and Loretta uncover an ancient secret.
04 04 "Journey to the Frozen Planet" February 6, 2015 102A
During a mission on an ice-covered planet, Miles must save Loretta when she is swept down a river towards a waterfall.
"Attack of the Flickorax" February 6, 2015 102B
When the lights go out on the planet Calpurnia, Miles and Loretta must protect their ship from light-eating Flickorax aliens.
05 05 "Catch That IOTA!" February 13, 2015 105A
Miles' attempt to fix Leo's latest gadget sends a diplomatic dinner into complete chaos.
"Mighty Merc" February 13, 2015 105B
M.E.R.C. worries that his time with the Callisto family is over when they try out a more advanced robot named Axel.
06 06 "Who Stole the Stellosphere?" February 20, 2015 106A
When space thief Gadfly Garnett sneaks on board the Stellosphere and blasts away with Miles and M.E.R.C. still inside, Miles' uncle Joe, captain of the SpaceGuard, comes to the rescue.
"Rock N' Roll" February 20, 2015 106B
When a moonquake traps the Callistos behind a rockslide, Miles must use his strength-enhancing Exo-Flex suit to save them.
07 07 "Happy Captain's Day" March 20, 2015 108A
Miles, Loretta, and Leo embark on a near impossible space-task in an effort to give Captain Phoebe a wonderful Captain's Day.
"Planet of the Plants" March 20, 2015 108B
During a mission to Antheia, a planet completely covered with orange plants, the Callistos discover something even stranger than the plants.
08 08 "Ride of the Quarkons" March 20, 2015 107A
The Callistos encounter a pod of Quarkons blocking the Photon Superhighway.
"Downsized" March 20, 2015 107B
When the Callisto family is accidentally shrunken down by the Tomorrowland Mail-alien, the tiny family must work together to help M.E.R.C. save an off-course starship.
09 09 "To the Goldilocks Zone" March 20, 2015 109A
Miles helps scout out the perfect planet for his Earth friend Haruna to live on.
"Hiccup in the Plan" March 20, 2015 109B
The Callistos must figure out how to escape when a giant Sporjot alien swallows the Stellosphere.
10 10 "On Spaceguard" April 3, 2015 110A
Miles goes on a ride along with his uncle, Captain Joe of the SpaceGuard, and finds himself in pursuit of space villain Gadfly Garnett.
"Spaceship Invader" April 3, 2015 110B
Miles brings home a fuzzy rock to add to his collection - and soon learns it is actually an alien life form.
11 11 "The Great Blastboard Chase" April 17, 2015 112A
Miles borrows Leo's Blastboard without permission and discovers an alien dinosaur.
"Adventures in Robot-Pet Sitting" April 17, 2015 112B
On a mission to transport robo-animals to their new families, the Callistos hit a road block on the Tethosphere.
12 12 "Unplugged" April 24, 2015 113A
When the Star Jetter crash lands on an uninhabited planet, the Callistos must survive without the help of technology.
"Junked" April 24, 2015 113B
The Callistos must track down the culprit responsible for dumping trash into the orbit around the planet Alarbus.
13 13 "Mama Merc" May 8, 2015 111A
Miles must help his family when a giant winged creature mistakes the Star Jetter for its egg.
"Space Race" May 8, 2015 111B
Miles learns a lesson in sportsmanship when he enters the Tomorrowland Pilot of the Future race.
14 14 "The Neptune Adventure" May 15, 2015 114A
During a field trip to Neptune, a malfunction causes the research station to flip over and sink.
"Eye to Eye" May 15, 2015 114B
The Callistos encounter Spectryx, an alien who can only see in the infrared spectrum.
15 15 "Yuri's Night" July 3, 2015 117A
On Yuri's Night, the Callistos are tasked with bringing alien musician Bootjet Groovestar to the Tethoscape.
"I, Stella" July 3, 2015 117B
When Stella's system experiences a technical malfunction, Miles must figure out a way to fix it.
16 16 "Frozen Food" July 10, 2015 116A
When the Callistos have dinner at alien chef Lysander Floovox's new restaurant, their meal is unexpectedly interrupted by Gadfly Garnett.
"Later, Multivator" July 10, 2015 116B
Miles attempts to follow in his dad's footsteps by modifying the Stellosphere's multivator.
17 17 "Lunar New Year" July 17, 2015 118A
Miles' grandparents join the Callistos to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
"The Hoverbike Diaries" July 17, 2015 118B
Miles is invited to go on his first hoverbike road trip with Leo and Captain Joe.
18 18 "The Search for Skellig Ro" July 24, 2015 119A
Miles and Loretta meet Master Skellig Ro, a legendary guru in the martial art Naxos.
"Endangered Species" July 24, 2015 119B
The Callistos must find a way to save a group of creatures that fight against them.
19 19 "Blasteroid!" August 7, 2015 120A
The Callistos discover a tiny race of creatures living inside an oncoming asteroid.
"Magnetic Merc" August 7, 2015 120B
M.E.R.C. becomes magnetized after getting stuck in an interstellar dust cloud.
20 20 "A Growing Problem" August 20, 2015 121A
The Callistos must use robots to save a planet from an invasive species of moss.
"The Tardigrade Escapade" August 20, 2015 121B
The Callistos launch a search and rescue mission when a massive tardigrade escapes Dr. Rubicon's lab and gets lost in space.
22 21 "Miles vs. The Volcano" September 19, 2015 122A
The Callistos must find Phoebe's sister Frida before Mars' volcano erupts.
"Scavengers of Mars" September 19, 2015 122B
An Explorer Exchanged scavenger hunt turns into a rescue mission when Miles' friend Rygan goes missing.
22 22 "Unexpected Ally" September 26, 2015 124A
Gadfly helps the Callistos locate stolen space equipment.
"Skyrise" September 26, 2015 124B
Miles and his friends must act quickly when a new space elevator malfunctions.
23 23 "Ghost Moon" October 10, 2015 115A
The Callistos are sent to investigate eerie sightings on a dark moon.
"Stormy Night in a Dark Nebula" October 10, 2015 115B
The Callistos enter a dark nebula and find some spooky inhabitants.
24 24 "Team Exo-Flex" October 17, 2015 125A
An Exo-Flex training session becomes complicated for Miles and his friends.
"Dino World" October 17, 2015 125B
The Callistos search for the missing Professor Rubicon, who was last seen researching ancient dinosaur fossils.
25 25 "The Pluto Rescue" October 24, 2015 126A
Miles, Loretta, and Aunty Frida's trip to Pluto coincides with Commander S'Leet's plan to take over the planet.
"The Taking of the Solar Express" October 24, 2015 126B
Miles and Haruna must stop Gadfly from a galactic heist of a new solar-powered space train.
26 26 "The Space Trader" November 7, 2015 127A
M.E.R.C. volunteers to help catch the thief responsible for a slew of recent robot thefts by acting as bait.
"The Quantum Cup" November 7, 2015 127B
Queen Gemma's family gets diverted on their way to compete against the Callistos in the Quantum Cup.
27 27 "The Legend of Sandelion" November 14, 2015 128A
The Callistos travel to the planet of Sandrosk to save a colony from a sandstorm.
"The Mystery of Atlantix" November 14, 2015 128B
The Callistos are sent to Pipp's underwater hometown of Atlantix, but their mission is interrupted.
28 28 "The Hitchhiker's Ride Through the Galaxy" November 21, 2015 129A
Miles and Loretta call for help from their friends after the Stellosphere malfunctions.
"Escape from the Tethoscape" November 21, 2015 129B
The Callistos inadvertently bring aboard a group of mischievous critters.
29 29 "The Discovery Expedition" December 4, 2015 123A
Loretta uses her coding skills to discover a hidden planet.
"Snow Globe" December 4, 2015 123B
The Callistos' Christmas trip is interrupted by Commander S'leet when he causes it to snow inside the Tethoscape.
30 30 "Galactech: Secrets of the Black Hole" March 18, 2016 130
When a black hole reveals a clue left by an ancient race, the Callistos discover a secret galaxy containing the key to saving their own.
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