"For generations, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority has worked to connect the universe. But now, a dangerous power is rising. To stop it, the TTA has put together a team of extraordinary heroes. They are Mission Force One.”

Mission Force One is a team of graduated Cosmic Explorers and their robo-pets led by Miles Callisto. Formed by Commander Copernicus, head of the TTA, Mission Force One is to connect and protect the Tomorrowland Transit Authority against a new force, Commander Nemex of the Nemesystems, who wishes to control the universe. Mission Force One uses STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to complete their missions. They travel on the starship Zenith, which is captained by Miles.

Members Edit

  • Miles Callisto - Miles is the team leader and commanding officer aboard the Zenith. Chosen as team leader because of his courage and leadership whenever there is a problematic situation. Miles wears an armored red and black mission suit fitted with many gadgets and weapons. His choice of weapons are his Lazerang which can become a Lazerstaff and a blast shield. He also has super speed.
  • Loretta Callisto - Loretta serves as part of the team's mission specialist. She wears a pink and black suit, armed with chakram projectors and that deploy unlimited holo-chakrams from her gloves.
  • Blodger Blopp - Blodger is ship operator aboard the Zenith. His suit gives him the ability to shape-shift into any inanimate object he can think of.
  • Haruna Kitumba - Haruna is navigator aboard the Zenith and the muscle member of the team. He wears a yellow and black armored suit equipped with gloves that allow him to punch through anything.
  • Mirandos - Mirandos is the engineer member of the team, and wears a blue and black suit with a cloak. She wears Solidizer gloves that gives her the ability to create any kind of object to use on a mission.

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