Haruna Kitumba
Haruna Kitumba
Occupation: Cosmic Explorer
Professional Information
  Tomorrowland Transit Authority
Friends and Family
Miles Callisto, Loretta Callisto, M.E.R.C., Phoebe Callisto, Leo Callisto, Rygan, Blodger Blopp, Pipp, Professor Rubicon
Pets: Robot Dog
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Issac Brown
Physical Information

Haruna Kitumba is a character who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Miles From Tomorrowland, voiced by Issac Brown. He is a friend of Miles Callisto and used to be his neighbors with him before Miles and his family went into outer space.


When Miles was still living on Earth, Haruna was his next door neighbor and they were the best of friends. They use to hang out together and go skateboarding. Even when Miles and his family left to explore the universe, the two boys remained good friends and stayed in contact but at the same time, they missed hanging out with each other.

In his debut appearance, "To the Goldilocks Zone", Haruna and his family were moving into outer space to start a human colony on a planet called Malvowlio. Sadly, his new home was destroyed by a Protoplanet which collided into Malvowlio before Haruna and his family could arrive. However, with help from their old neighbors, the Callistos, they were able to find another planet that was suitable for human life.


  • Like Miles, Haruna's favorite activity is skateboarding/blast boarding.